Steven Dark's Elephants and Fleas Changing Lives One Day at a Time

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Steven Dark’s Elephants and Fleas by is about transcending the illusions of our limitations with a Step-by-Step Plan to help anyone make Valuable & Permanent Life Changes. The focus is not on what was or that which could have been but instead encourages us to look forward, to make progress and to move, STEP-BY-STEP towards that which we truly desire.

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The Elephants & Fleas Foundation is a one-man (me) entirely non-profit web-based project helping individuals 'transcend their learned and externally imposed limitations for a better life through greater fulfilment and happinesss.' Changing lives one day at a time. Though I'm not complaining, this takes up a great deal of time, energy and, yes, financial resources to run so YOUR SUPPORT is invaluable and while financial contributions are greatly appreciated (I need to eat) they are only one way of showing your appreciation for the work of the Foundation: