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"I've been mad for fuckin' years" --Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Born in the not so green valleys of South Wales when the pits were still spewing forth the highly prized fuel that kept britain on the move for the best part of 150 years. I remember the blackened faces of the men coming home from a long shift underground. Despite the dust that filled the air and covered just about everything that hadn't either the sense nor motive power to keep moving, I spent many a happy childhood summer at my grandparents house, 2 Princess St., Gelli, Pentre, Rhondda. Many years later the complicated kid with humble beginnings would go to University and begin a not so glittering academic career. But at least I discovered I had a talent for writing that exceeded the abilities of my peers. After a dissolute young adulthood, two wives, two divorces, several houses and a varied string of academic and not so academic jobs I ended up in Prague, Czech Republic. Teaching English. And writing. And acting. And snapping beautiful nudes.

There it is, a background in academic and professional psychology both research and teaching in the UK at University as well as counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy - a lifetime ago though that was, I have to say that this landscape probably informs my creative pursuits to some extent. Academic, therapist, teacher, writer, poet, screen writer, actor, photographer - there you have it or perhaps I should say, there I am.

Except for a very brief visit and one year, 2010, spent in Greenwich, South East London, pursuing a passionate though ultimately disastrous relationship, I rarely return to the UK.