You Need a British English actor & Voice Over Artist who is:


... a Voice Over artist with over 30 years of experience from the old days of recording relaxation tapes (cassettes) and reel-to-reel to today's advanced digital technology.


... someone who understands the demands of the studio environment, is familiar with the technical requirements and jargon, and who appreciates that time is money.


... a professional who can quickly adapt to your needs, hit the ground running and deliver a quality Voice Over even if it's a cold reading (unseen and unprepared script).


... an experienced and reliable Professional and you need one NOW! At short notice and with minimal preparation. Problem solved. Give me a call on 07505 007291.

Acting, Presentations & Projects

Free Horror Radio broadcasting 'From Beyond the Grave' 24/7/365

Mysterium Tours

Dylan Thomas; the Myth & the Man

Dancing with the Devil: The Myths & Legends of Playing Cards

Embrace the Darkness: The Gothic Imagination & the meaning of Horror

Who was Jack the Ripper? A history of Dark & Secret London 1860-1910

Steven Dark Acting CV, Audio & Reels

Steven Dark Acting CV (pdf)

Welcome to Dark Arts Horror Radio

Steven Dark in The Mushroom Picker's Daughter (2016)

Steven Dark is the English voice of Mysterium Tours (Prague & Budapest)

Andrea Arcidiacona
Mysterium Tours

Steven Dark 'The Mushroom Picker's Daughter' (2016) dir. Will Thomas Freeman

Will Thomas Freeman
Dantalion Films

Steven Dark is Lance Howard in 'Chapter Five' (2016) dir. Payam Razi

Payam Razi
Paya Films

Problem Solved